Elite Counsel Solutions is a premier provider of legal staffing and recruiting services in the United States.  We leverage our expertise of our people, the principles of our company and our unparalleled connections within the legal community.

We believe that if we work diligently, hard and intelligently, and if we are as responsive to our clients needs as the best of our competition, we can become the premier legal recruiting firm in the markets that we serve.  

If you are interested in legal staffing services for your organization, or if you are a potential candidate for our services, please browse our website until you are comfortable with our knowledge and practices. Elite Counsel Solutions is committed to serving our clients' interests in an ethical and effective manner, ultimately matching the right candidate with the perfect job.  Contact us today to start your search.

Commitment to excellence characterizes the entire legal hiring process at Elite Counsel Solutions, from selecting candidates to researching the market and to understanding the hiring needs of firms.

Whether you are looking for the perfect attorney position, which includes law firms, in-house positions in any specialty, including corporate, M&A, transnational, litigation, governance, finance, criminal, employment, capital markets, private equity, venture capital, funds or family offices or healthcare or any other specialty position or any paralegal, legal secretary or other legal staff member, Elite Counsel Solutions has the resources and expertise to make the proper introductions and follow through until you are in the position you seek.  We recruit all facets of the legal markets.

If you are an attorney, paralegal, legal secretary or any other position related to the legal markets, we are the recruiting company to find you the right position and law firm or company.  Resumes can be sent to resumes@elitecounselsolutions.com or you can reach us at 832-559-0204.

If you are a law firm or in-house legal department looking for qualified attorneys or any other legal staff member, we can make the connections happen.  Please reach out to us for your attorney or staffing needs.  Companies looking for attorneys or qualified staff members should give us a call or reach out to us via e-mail with your specific needs at info@elitecounselsolutions.com or you can reach us at 832-559-0204. 

Jeremy Wagers, Esq. has worked for and with many of the largest law firms and legal departments in the world.  Let us use his connections to help you find the right candidate, law firm or legal department.  He has practiced in multiple stages of the legal markets and can put his expertise to  work for you.  He not only has the right connections but knows many of the principals that are responsible for making legal hires.  Please reach out to us for more information.